Kyoto Cherry Blossom: Matching Dress

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Cherry blossoms are seen everywhere in Japan during the Spring. But going to some famous sites during the Cherry Blossom season could be challenging since Japan is so crowded to begin with.a4a5

Shrines from hundreds of years ago are also very common in Kyoto. Walking through the center of Kyoto, you can pass by shrines like this every few blocks.a6

You can see Geishas all the time. Even normal people walking on the street in traditional Kimonos are a common scene. It’s very interesting to see the contrast between modern and traditional Kimonos.

I usually travel with very minimum accessories and easy-to-pack clothes. Both the dress and the blazer here are old clothes from years ago. I didn’t wear the dress intentionally to match the cherry blossoms, It just happened to look that way after the pictures were taken.

Dress:Betsy Adam by Jaslene       Tennis Shoes: D&G      Blazer: Sisley


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