Best Restaurant in Toronto: Chase

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This is one of the suggestions we got from Trump Hotel Concierge which we decide to pass. It might not be a bad choice for meat lovers.


The menu of Chase is fresh and simple, printed daily depending on what kind of fresh seafood available.


The corn bread is fresh and warm, uniquely made inside the restaurant.


The lingcod fish is not usually on our order list, however, recommended by the waiter, we decide to give it a try. The result is surprisingly pleasant. 

With my new Ports 1961 Purse purchased from the best department store in Toronto, we started our search for the best restaurant in town. Trump International did give good advice for our destination. A newly opened Restaurant – Chase – don’t confuse this with the bank in the US; this is a nice seafood restaurant run by a few ambitious young men. Everything here is top of the line. The intention of opening this restaurant is to make it THE place to go in Toronto.

Rain Jacket: Sierra      Purse: Ports 1961      Jeans Skirt: Gap      Shoes: Monaco Club      Hat: August

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6 thoughts on “Best Restaurant in Toronto: Chase

  1. I like your new purse very much, but I loved your hat! You look so cool! I am glad you found a nice restaurant! I must confess, it’s always difficult for me to find a restaurant – in many countries they offer 1 or 2 vegetarian dishes, and some among these 1 or 2 are not my favorite… 🙂 But my brothers eat meat and they always find places to go! Love seeing your trip! denisesplanet com

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